Our 175 Year Jubilee

On Friday morning on St Patrick’s Day I woke up with so much energy. Only because today was the beginning of our parish and school’s 175th Jubilee celebrations. I was so excited to celebrate these special events. 

Our school went to mass in the morning. I was called by Mrs George to serve for Friday mass. I got ready to serve on Friday. My job was to carry the candles and offer the bowl and towel to Father. I was kind of nervous. After mass Father asked 2 students to dig up the time capsule from 25 years ago. We saw a photo of our school from 25 years ago. Everyone saw their parents in the photo. The box was very heavy and dirty and it had been buried in the front of the church. We went back to school after digging up the time capsule. We got back to class and did anything we wanted to do before morning tea.

Out of nowhere the bell rang for morning tea. We all went outside to eat morning tea. After morning tea the entire school sat under the canopy to play sports for St Patrick’s day. All the teachers prepared for our St Patricks day activities. All the teachers were at each activity. I was in Daniel and Feao’s group. We went down to Mr Bell’s activity first down at the bottom court.

Eventually we finished all the activities. It was a long day and we were all tired so as a reward for doing our best we got ICE BLOCKS. Mine was so cold and delicious

On the second day of our 175 jubilee which was on Saturday, 

I went to mass at 7 am. I went to the back of the church to change into my altar serving gown. I was kind of worried because none of the other altar servers had arrived. But 3 minutes before we had to go in, the other altar servers arrived. After mass we went back down to the school and I saw Angelina, Jazzmin, Grace and Francheska. All the teachers came too. We ran in a three legged race, soccer, played Freeze and then had a sausage sizzle and ice cream. There was face painting as well. I went home with a classmate’s mum.

I had a nap before I had to come back for the 5pm Mass. My job this time was to carry the candles. Afterwards we had to go and practise for our dance tomorrow.  Then there was a buffet dinner that was set up by all the people. We had peas, lamb, chicken, mashed potato and more. For dessert we had cheese cake, strawberry pavlova, flavoured ice cream. We all danced and had so much fun. There were even balloons that we popped that were filled with candies. The music was so loud, my ears nearly went deaf. Only at 2am did the night end and we went home.

The sun rose up so bright on Sunday. Today I was helping with the towel and bowl. It was amazing to see the Tongan community coming down the aisle carrying a little girl on top of the fata. They were dancing and singing. 

After Mass we all went to the hall. My school did and dance and also sang three songs for the parish. After that the Altar Servers danced to a song called Wayno Samoa Siva 2K22. At 2pm our Jubilee celebrations ended. I had so much fun this weekend.

Working With Shapes

Today Mrs Grant came in to my class again.

This time we learned about shapes and what to create with them. The first slide was about making shapes Mrs Grant told us if we press shift and make a shape  all the sides will be equal but if you don’t press shift it will not be equal we then moved on to creating stuff with shapes we all drew different objects. Here is my drawing of me.

Cybersmart shortcuts with Mrs Grant

This morning Mrs Grant came to our class to teach us about short cuts. We learned about different kinds of keyboard short cuts like control c to copy or control h for history. First we  opened our cyber smart page and opened google slides. The slides had all these questions asking what do you press to copy etc. I knew the long way but not the short way. I went to something on my Chromebook that said  ‘tip’ and it said that the short way to copy is control c.

There were some more questions to answer like a lot like ‘what’s the button to paste, zoom in and out, and more. Some of us struggled on with to do but in the end, we got the hang of it. Our lesson was about to finish so Mrs grant said to us make a blog about what we had done. I had the best time and we all had fun learning.

Talofa My Name is Pio

Talofa! My name is Pio, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in year 6 and my teacher is Mr Bell. My favorite subject is Maths and Writing and I enjoy learning about Basic facts.  I am good at reading a lot of books,running fast,communicating my ideas,cricket,soccer,riding my scooter,math,literacy,graphs,shape,skipping,PE,kind,helpful,kicking soccer balls,sharing,RE,Good singer,swimmer,listening, and working..  My goal for this year is to get better in my time tables.. In my spare time I like to be with my family or if im at school i like to draw in my free time.

The Stolen Princess

At the beginning of the term we started to make potato people with our teacher Mrs Agnew after we read a book called the “Potato People” and she showed us a box of really scary, freaky, nasty looking ancient potatoes. They had long roots and looked like aliens.

My first  potato was a regular boy but then I changed it to a king  with purple material, glue, glitter, googly eyes and toothpicks. It was fun being creative and making the potato come alive as a person.

A week later we used our ipads to make a tiny stop motion movie to practice how we were going to create the movie we were going to do for the Manaiakalani. film festival.  There was a Director, Editor, Scene manager and camera person and we all had turns to do each job.

After that week we started to do backgrounds for our movie story. We all voted which background we  wanted to work on. I chose outside of the castle. My group was doing a  party for the princess. We made turrets, flags and blew up balloons for the party. We painted the castle (which was our old class puppet theatre.)

The Characters in the movie were the king, queen, princess, princess’ friend, and spies. We also used the very old potatoes as the aliens and the old box became the UFO. I thought it would be easy to make the movie but it was kinda hard because we needed heaps of help from Ms Toland. In the story the princess is talking to a friend about her coronation and how scared she is. The princess gets kidnapped by aliens and gets taken to their evil layer in outer space. In the end the spies manage to rescue her and take her back to her kingdom.

It will be interesting to see our movie on the big screen and I’m looking forward to it along with my classmates.