DLO About The Hauraki Gulf

This week we were all excited because our teacher surprised us with two word Virtual Reality also known as VR. We are lucky enough to have Alice From Blake VR NZ to come and teach us about if New Zealand’s Seas are healthy or unhealthy. We said our morning prayers then started walking up to the library to meet Alice from Blake NZ. We entered the library and saw so many Virtual reality headsets laying on the floor. After we all sat down Alice introduced herself to us and she told us why the company name was Blake and told us where it came from.


The name Blake came from a famous sailor Sir Peter Blake he won many sailing competitions and traveled around the entire world 3 times. One day he went to Antarctica with a few crew members when pirates showed up. Sir Peter Blake showed no mercy and stood up for his team but then got shot. The whole of New Zealand was devastated.

After his death that is when the company Blake was made and how they got their name. Here are my facts about the Hauraki Gulf

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