Archiving My Goal

Yesterday I finally  achieved my goal of finishing my timetables and getting my diploma it feels great to have finished my diploma. I am very proud of myself and very thrilled that I have the best teacher to teach me my timetables. Now I know all my timetables and anytime anyone asks me a time table I can answer it with a click.

Here is my achievements I accomplished with my time tables

My Name In Sign language

Yesterday after lunch my class and I started to work on cyber smart. For cyber smart I learned how to say my name in New Zealand sign language.  First I started watching the video on how to say “hello my name is”. Then I learned the alphabet and started spelling my name. Here is me Saying my name in New Zealand Sign language.

Screencast 2024-05-16 13.55.29

Road To Paris

This week my class and I have been learning about the road to Paris and the Olympic games. My class and I all went outside and ran laps around the top court. After running laps we counted them up to see the total of how much kilometers our class ran. This is a table of how much ch meters I ran everyday this week. Today had a slight change because I didn’t feel like running that much since I had a stitch. One of the hardest things running laps was running even through the pain in my stomach and foot but I feel really proud of myself for going through it all.

St Patrick’s Day

Last Friday Our school celebrated St Patrick’s Day. We all arrived  at school early because we had mass and we all had to have our best singing voices.


After Mass unfortunately we found out that we weren’t doing our St Patrick’s games today but luckily we still got to because it was postponed to Monday due to the wet rain. Instead we did some fun St Patricks Day Activities on our Chromebooks.


We all went home and enjoyed our weekend.I went to Sunday and Saturday mass, Legion of Mary – Curia and had some dinner and had a good sleep before the big day on Monday.


We all came to school on Monday with big smiles on our faces and with our P.E gear. We came to class when the bell rang and started walking to the canopy where room 6 was doing assembly. We sang the national anthem of New Zealand and said prayers before students started receiving certificates. We went back to class and started doing maths on our prime maths books.


The morning tea bell rang and we all started to make our way outside to our bags to grab our morning tea and P.E gear for St Patrick’s Day. When the second bell rang we all gathered under the canopy where Mrs Bullot split the whole school in 10 groups for 5 activities 1 vs 1 in each activity. 


My group first went to Sr Evalesi’s Game which was to jump inside the sash, go to the cone and come back holding a spoon with a plum on top.


We headed our way to the canopy where Mrs Agnew was having her game. She was bowling. It was pretty hard because when we were throwing we could not bend our arm.


Now we were going to the top court with Mr Bell where he was hosting scatter ball. Mr Bell’s game was very fun. We had 3 balls we could throw them anywhere and we would have to run to the other side while the fielders had to get 3 of the balls. One person holds it up and says stop out loud.


After every single game we had Popsicle announce the winners. My team came 4th and we all had lunch. For the rest of the afternoon we watched an anime called Spirited Away and went home and relaxed.


DLO About The Hauraki Gulf

This week we were all excited because our teacher surprised us with two word Virtual Reality also known as VR. We are lucky enough to have Alice From Blake VR NZ to come and teach us about if New Zealand’s Seas are healthy or unhealthy. We said our morning prayers then started walking up to the library to meet Alice from Blake NZ. We entered the library and saw so many Virtual reality headsets laying on the floor. After we all sat down Alice introduced herself to us and she told us why the company name was Blake and told us where it came from.


The name Blake came from a famous sailor Sir Peter Blake he won many sailing competitions and traveled around the entire world 3 times. One day he went to Antarctica with a few crew members when pirates showed up. Sir Peter Blake showed no mercy and stood up for his team but then got shot. The whole of New Zealand was devastated.

After his death that is when the company Blake was made and how they got their name. Here are my facts about the Hauraki Gulf

Mission Charism – Euphraise Barbier

-Mission Charism

Mission Charism – Mission is something to do and assignment or a task to do – Us Catholics mission is to send out the word of God and yell out to the world and spread the good new that’s our mission as Catholics that God send us in the world for to prepare for his second coming. Charism – charisma means talents and our gifts given by God we use the gifts given by God and use it in our talents do get better at something God gives us gifts so we can use them wisely in our life. That’s why we use our talents – gifts given by God to do his work as Catholics and prepare everyone for Jesus is second coming to judge the living and the dead.

-Euphraise Barbier

  1. Euphraise Barbier came to New Zealand with some RNDM sisters also known as the Mission Sisters.
  2. Euphraise founded the Sisters Of Our Lady The Mission in 1861 December.
  3. Euphraise Barbier was born 4th of January and died 18 of January
  4. She was the eldest of 5 children 4 girls and 1 boy and worked at laundromat
  5. She and some RNDM sisters went on a boat and went to many countries one of the countries was New Zealand

-Why shes important to our school

Euphrasie Barbier went on a boat to New Zealand and got to Christchurch and asked the bishop if she can go and fix this school. Euphrasie Barbier came to St Patrick’s School Panmure and the bishop said no but they still went to fix it with her and the mission sisters started running the school she was and inspiration to the missionaries also known as the RNDM