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Working With Shapes

Today Mrs Grant came in to my class again.

This time we learned about shapes and what to create with them. The first slide was about making shapes Mrs Grant told us if we press shift and make a shape  all the sides will be equal but if you don’t press shift it will not be equal we then moved on to creating stuff with shapes we all drew different objects. Here is my drawing of me.

Cybersmart shortcuts with Mrs Grant

This morning Mrs Grant came to our class to teach us about short cuts. We learned about different kinds of keyboard short cuts like control c to copy or control h for history. First we  opened our cyber smart page and opened google slides. The slides had all these questions asking what do you press to copy etc. I knew the long way but not the short way. I went to something on my Chromebook that said  ‘tip’ and it said that the short way to copy is control c.

There were some more questions to answer like a lot like ‘what’s the button to paste, zoom in and out, and more. Some of us struggled on with to do but in the end, we got the hang of it. Our lesson was about to finish so Mrs grant said to us make a blog about what we had done. I had the best time and we all had fun learning.

Talofa My Name is Pio

Talofa! My name is Pio, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favorite subject is Maths and Writing and I enjoy learning about Basic facts.  I am good at reading a lot of books,running fast,communicating my ideas,cricket,soccer goaly,riding my scooter,math,literacy,graphs,shape,skipping,PE,kind,helpful,kicking soccer balls,sharing,RE,Good singer,swimmer,listening, and working..  My goal for this year is to get better in my time tables.. In my spare time I like to be with my family or if im at school i like to draw in my free time.

The Stolen Princess

At the beginning of the term we started to make potato people with our teacher Mrs Agnew after we read a book called the “Potato People” and she showed us a box of really scary, freaky, nasty looking ancient potatoes. They had long roots and looked like aliens.

My first  potato was a regular boy but then I changed it to a king  with purple material, glue, glitter, googly eyes and toothpicks. It was fun being creative and making the potato come alive as a person.

A week later we used our ipads to make a tiny stop motion movie to practice how we were going to create the movie we were going to do for the Manaiakalani. film festival.  There was a Director, Editor, Scene manager and camera person and we all had turns to do each job.

After that week we started to do backgrounds for our movie story. We all voted which background we  wanted to work on. I chose outside of the castle. My group was doing a  party for the princess. We made turrets, flags and blew up balloons for the party. We painted the castle (which was our old class puppet theatre.)

The Characters in the movie were the king, queen, princess, princess’ friend, and spies. We also used the very old potatoes as the aliens and the old box became the UFO. I thought it would be easy to make the movie but it was kinda hard because we needed heaps of help from Ms Toland. In the story the princess is talking to a friend about her coronation and how scared she is. The princess gets kidnapped by aliens and gets taken to their evil layer in outer space. In the end the spies manage to rescue her and take her back to her kingdom.

It will be interesting to see our movie on the big screen and I’m looking forward to it along with my classmates.





How to make a fruit salad

Introduction: fruit is healthy to eat

Equipment: fruit, knife, board, peeler, platter.

Steps needed:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Get all of your equipment  on the table.
  3. peel the skin off the apples.
  4. Now cut the apples in half.
  5. Then cut out the core.
  6. After that peel the skin of the oranges.
  7. Cut the oranges into small pieces.
  8. Peel the skins off the kiwi fruit.
  9. Then cut the kiwi fruit into small pieces.
  10. Meanwhile place the fruit on the  platter.
  11. Afterwards peel the bananas.
  12. Then slice them on top of the fruit.
  13. Empty the skin and cores into the compost bin.
  14. Then wash your hands again because they’re sticky.
  15. And finally EAT UP.

Legit or fake?

Today we were learning about Legit or fake

When we are online we need to be careful and know if this pop up or ad is a scam or not because someone might want to steal your important information.

The moral of the story was never talk to strangers and never judge someone based on there looks.


Swimming Lessons

Last term on a Monday we started swimming lessons. Every afternoon at about 12:15 we had lunch and the boys had to get changed so we could go swimming at 12:20. The boys went on the bus to go to the CLM pools. On the bus the boys form year 8 and 7 would singing songs. The  boys went first and the girls went last. We had to bring swimming togs, head caps, goggles and also some towels to keep dry. I was very nervous at first but then I got used to it.

When we got there we jumped into the pool and it was very warm. Our instructor’s named Parley and she taught us how to swim on our backs from one side of the pool to another. And we also used some boards sometimes to help us. Each and everyday they gave us harder and harder challenges to overcome.

On the 2nd day of swimming I felt a little more confident and Mrs Parley taught us how to swim on our backs. She said I was really good. I felt proud.

When we came back from the pools we were cold and shivering but we got changed and then warmed up by playing some games. We waited for the girls to come back from the pools. The girls came back from the pools and got changed and then we went home. I really enjoyed going swimming.