Anzac Biscuits

On Thursday morning I was so happy to look at my class timetable to see ANZAC cookies after lunch. It was after lunch and my teacher Mrs Agnew gave each of us an Anzac cookie and also a list to brainstorm on. On the list it said history, ingredients, looks like, smells like, feels like, and tastes like. We had to write about each of these things. What I did for history was that during WW1 in 1915 women would bake ANZAC biscuits for the men who were fighting a long way away from home. Next we looked at the ingredients which are Golden syrup, butter, coconut, and baking soda. We moved on to what it feels like, and I thought it felt like the craters on top of the moon and the bottom felt as smooth as a human skin. Finally it was time to taste it. I took one bite and my mouth was filled with so much joy. I was surprised at how good it tasted – it was so crunchy, hard as if you were biting on to a big, brown, hard Crunchie bar. I was in heaven.


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