My Cycling Adventure

Yesterday morning, on a bright sunny day, my class and I had the opportunity to take bicycle lessons. Kyla and Kate were  here from the Auckland Transport company of Bigfoot Adventures to teach us the safety of riding a bike. They introduced themselves to the class. Before we started they did a quick clothing check to see if what we were wearing was good for riding the bike.

Kyla told us to follow Kate outside and line up along the fence at the top court. We all lined up and Kyla told us to get a helmet and then she showed us how to put it on safely. We all got our bikes and I followed Kate to her group under the Canopy because I was less confident about riding a bike.

First Kate wanted us to learn how to balance on the bike while it was moving. We all passed it easily. Next we had to try and use the pedals while the bike was moving. That was more difficult!!

Kate told me to try and pedal on the bike while it was moving so I tried but I kept failing each attempt. Then Kate said ” maybe try and look up while reaching the pedals because if you look down you might hit an object that is in front of you”. After a few more attempts it worked and I could ride a bike around the canopy in just one morning.

It was a great experience to learn how to ride a bike. I’m so glad Kyla and Kate came.\







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