My Swimming Experience

For the past 2 weeks my school went to swimming lessons at  CLM The Bays. On the first day we just learned the basics and got to know our instructor. My instructor was Izzy. We first learned how to get into the water safely. We have to sit on the edge, then turn our bodies around and slide down. When we got into the pool we had to just get wet. After that we had to swim from the start of the pool to the platform which was 12 metres away and halfway down the pool.

The next day we did our usual routine where we changed into our swimming togs and then headed to room 7 and played a couple games before heading to the bus.

When we got to the pools and it was so cold outside it felt like Iceland. We got inside the pool safely as usual and greeted our coach and got wet. We learned back stroke, breaststroke and freestyle and swam halfway to the platform.

Unfortunately I got sick and was unable to go to the last lesson. Swimming is fun and I am feeling way more confident each year we go.



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