Month: March 2023

Working With Shapes

Today Mrs Grant came in to my class again.

This time we learned about shapes and what to create with them. The first slide was about making shapes Mrs Grant told us if we press shift and make a shape  all the sides will be equal but if you don’t press shift it will not be equal we then moved on to creating stuff with shapes we all drew different objects. Here is my drawing of me.

Cybersmart shortcuts with Mrs Grant

This morning Mrs Grant came to our class to teach us about short cuts. We learned about different kinds of keyboard short cuts like control c to copy or control h for history. First we  opened our cyber smart page and opened google slides. The slides had all these questions asking what do you press to copy etc. I knew the long way but not the short way. I went to something on my Chromebook that said  ‘tip’ and it said that the short way to copy is control c.

There were some more questions to answer like a lot like ‘what’s the button to paste, zoom in and out, and more. Some of us struggled on with to do but in the end, we got the hang of it. Our lesson was about to finish so Mrs grant said to us make a blog about what we had done. I had the best time and we all had fun learning.

Talofa My Name is Pio

Talofa! My name is Pio, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in year 6 and my teacher is Mr Bell. My favorite subject is Maths and Writing and I enjoy learning about Basic facts.  I am good at reading a lot of books,running fast,communicating my ideas,cricket,soccer,riding my scooter,math,literacy,graphs,shape,skipping,PE,kind,helpful,kicking soccer balls,sharing,RE,Good singer,swimmer,listening, and working..  My goal for this year is to get better in my time tables.. In my spare time I like to be with my family or if im at school i like to draw in my free time.