Month: July 2022

Swimming Lessons

Last term on a Monday we started swimming lessons. Every afternoon at about 12:15 we had lunch and the boys had to get changed so we could go swimming at 12:20. The boys went on the bus to go to the CLM pools. On the bus the boys form year 8 and 7 would singing songs. The  boys went first and the girls went last. We had to bring swimming togs, head caps, goggles and also some towels to keep dry. I was very nervous at first but then I got used to it.

When we got there we jumped into the pool and it was very warm. Our instructor’s named Parley and she taught us how to swim on our backs from one side of the pool to another. And we also used some boards sometimes to help us. Each and everyday they gave us harder and harder challenges to overcome.

On the 2nd day of swimming I felt a little more confident and Mrs Parley taught us how to swim on our backs. She said I was really good. I felt proud.

When we came back from the pools we were cold and shivering but we got changed and then warmed up by playing some games. We waited for the girls to come back from the pools. The girls came back from the pools and got changed and then we went home. I really enjoyed going swimming.