Month: May 2022

Ki o rahi

 Ki o rahi  


Last Thursday we were going to learn how to play a new game named Ki o rahi with our teacher and coach Chelsea. It was raining so we couldn’t play on the field. We also watched a video about a Maori legend about Rahi. We got into two teams and one was called taniwha and another was called kioma. We played tag and we had to get to the other side without your partner tagging you. Then we played octopus which is a tagging game.  Hopefully next week we can learn to play Ki o rahi. Here is a photo of us playing Octopus.                   

Pio Making my tree house

Last term we were creating our Tree Huts. I had a lot of fun creating my tree Hut. I was so excited and happy to be able to do it with all my friends around me. I made my own Tree Hut out of toilet paper rolls, cardboard, strings and ice block sticks and heaps of glueing. Then we were able to paint them and when we were done we were so happy. The last day was very busy, hard and fun. I really enjoyed it. My favourite part about creating my Tree Hut was painting it. Last term Our class room was a big big entire mess but we managed to clean it all. 


After three days of work we had to test our huts for success. We had to check them for wind, weight and water resistance and this was where it was tricky. For wind resistance  we tested all our tree Huts in front of the fan to see if it’ll tip over. Mine didn’t and the others also didn’t. Then we used 4 scissors to see if it would collapse from the weightl. Mine was strong and kept standing. Then finally we sprayed water on it to see if the water would go inside our Tree Huts. I was successful again. Here is a photo of me and my Tree Hut in front of the fan.